About Warren Seale

Warren Seale is best known for his knowledge of traditional piano/organ music and balancing it with popular styles in both teaching and performance. His musical journey has always been different. His mission is to bring the celebratory nature of music back to performance-based teaching. Private lessons are a special time where lightning bolt creativity is met with discipline and structure to nurture extraordinary musicians. Simply, to help people play better.


“He has taught them how to play piano and read music from the very beginning, and has helped them to pass numerous levels of RCM examinations with honours”

— Premala Kodeeswaran

“You can see he is very passionate about what he does and always wants the best for his students. He was definitely one of my favourite teachers. Now that I am in high school, Mr. Seale still kindly takes time out of his schedule to come to my school and watch my spring and Christmas concerts.”

— Pabishaya Kodeeswaran