Flashback to the good old days!

My 1980’s stage setup:

Hammond B3/Leslie 122, Crumar Multiman S, Yamaha CP70 Stage Piano, Oberheim OBXA polyphonic synthesizer, Arp Pro-Soloist monophonic preset synthesizer, Hohner Clavinet D6, Minimoog synthesizer, numerous effects, pedals and a sixteen channel board to premix the signal going into the snake and out to the soundman running the main PA.

All analog gear. Hard to believe I needed all that stuff but it was a different era…pre-digital & pre-midi.

Live music was King- no D.J’s except maybe between sets.  Clubs would book bands for a full week and sometimes two. Six nights a week, three sets a night. Full-time working musicians could actually make a living and no one nighters unless doing concert dates.


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