Warren Seale

Best known for his knowledge of traditional piano/organ music as well as popular styles and world-cultural genres, Warren’s musical journey has always been different. His mission is to bring the celebratory nature of music back to the private lesson experience. These lessons are a special time where lightning bolt creativity is met with discipline and structure to nurture extraordinary musicians. Simply, to help people play better.

Warren began playing organ at the age of 5. He grew up in two worlds, performing and learning traditional Organ technique while also performing popular music in clubs and on local TV when living in Hawaii.

Warren began undergraduate studies in September 1971 at The Shenandoah University Conservatory of Music, studying Organ, Piano and Music Education. Early career highlights included performing for John Burns, the first Governor of Hawaii as well as clubs and concert venues in Virginia and the greater Washington D.C. area. A private engagement at the home of Senator Harry F. Byrd Jr. in Winchester attended by Senator Ted Kennedy and other prominent politicians was a memorable event.

Warren was the first organ student in Shenandoah’s one hundred year history to perform an original composition in recital, a piece composed for pipe organ, synthesizer, solo voice and dance. After relocating to Canada he performed in jazz and rock venues in Montreal and Toronto, co-founded the progressive-rock band “Biko” and played numerous cross-Canada tours during the 80’s and early 90’s.

Throughout his career as a teacher, he has taught instrumental and vocal programs in public and private schools at all grade levels.  He holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Shenandoah University, Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Toronto and Music Honors Specialist certification from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  He also teaches RCM piano curriculum.  He has helped many students prep for secondary and post secondary music and arts programs.  Warren’s performance and teaching skills are based on a balance of classical training and practical experience in numerous other genres. This diverse musical background led to the creation of his “Twenty-First Century Traditional” teaching method where students learn in a casual and fun setting tailored to the individual. 

Warren believes that the true measure of musicianship is not based on technique alone but combined with a love, appreciation and understanding of music.  By definition, a musician is motivated and driven to express his/her passion and creativity.  Warren’s goal as a musician/teacher is to encourage growth, creativity and the simple enjoyment found in the experience of music.