Warren Seale

Regardless of age, background, previous experience or skill level, Warren believes that it is his duty to encourage students to achieve their personal musical goals. Music is and should be a fun experience as this is what leads to improvement, motivation, success and esteem.

Warren encourages students to focus on personal preferences in musical styles and genres as all are equally legitimate forms of expression. He also emphasizes music history and evolution in lessons as an important component for musical understanding and appreciation.

Warren believes that it is his mission to ensure that every student whether beginner or advanced has a positive and rewarding musical experience. He believes in hands-on, performance-based, music education and that theory, history, literacy, technique and ear-training are best learnt through practical application. This is the foundation of his “21st Century Traditional” approach to learning and performing music. Assessment of progress is based on student motivation/satisfaction level, skill/technique, history/appreciation and overall musicianship. Warren emphasizes the importance of self-assessment combined with teacher evaluation and positive feedback. He encourages non-competitive performance. He believes that students benefit most from one-on-one private instruction that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

“Teaching them to do it is a skill.

Teaching them to love it is an Art.

Be an Artist.”

-Warren Seale


RCM Exam Preparation
Coaching for secondary and post-secondary Music Programs
Performance Preparation
Teaching Materials
Ear Training
Sight Reading

Classical, Jazz, Rock & Popular Genres
Private Lessons
Composition Coaching
Music History
Self-assessment strategies
“21st Century Traditional” Methodology


Bachelor of Music, Performance (Organ and Piano)
Bachelor of Music Education (Instrumental and Vocal K-12)
Honors Specialist, Ontario College of Teachers

Casual and fun “21st Century Traditional Method”
Over 40 years experience performing and teaching: Organ, Piano, Digital Keyboards, Music History, Choral Conducting, Dance, Drama, Recording, Composition

“The best teachers learn as much from their students as vice-versa.” Whether your musical motivation is composition, recording, performance, RCM examinations or just plain fun, Warren believes that they are all equally important, valid and teachable! If you’re interested in working with Warren, please click below for the contact page.